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Bottega dell’Albergo, with which we are exclusive partners for the production of cosmetics, collaborates with outstanding names. It works in synergy with famous brands which entrust the company with the creation, exclusive production and domestic and international distribution of their brand products.

These designer collections are the pinnacle of excellence of cosmetics for hotels, but are also fashion products expressing tastes and trends and representing the personality of the hotels in which they are used.

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The designers:

Since 1993 - Etro has always been a protagonist in the field of the expressive and original brand research that characterises its entire production. An eclectic and lively style that blends extreme refinement with a taste for ironic and irreverent details. A style that plays constantly with classical and bizarre elements. In 1993 Etro launched the paisley line accompanied by a pleasant sandalwood perfume. Since then Bottega has held the licence for the production and distribution of the brand’s courtesy products for hotels. In 2001 Etro founded the Wellness line, in 2003 a new collection called New Tradition, the shapes, aromas and colours of which are a blend of classical and modern harmonies. In 2005 it was the turn of the Etro Home Collection, a wide range of products for hotels featuring contemporary fantasies, shapes and colours, thanks also the new “look” of the soft tubes.

Etro is a registered trademark of Etro S.P.A, Via Spartaco 3, 20135 Milano



Since 2006 - France is a master when it comes to perfumes and following in its olfactory footsteps we come across excellent “noses” and arrive in Provence. It is here since 1926 that the Parfumerie Fragonard – the name pays homage to the famous painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard – has created special perfumes blending the traditions of Provence with modern technologies. Immediately in tune with the philosophy of Bottega, which in 2006 introduced the hotel collection Figuier Fleurs with its versatile and intense perfumes. A success that inspired the creation of new cosmetic lines like Vrai with its natural formulas and top-quality ingredients which comes in an elegant white package with a strong visual impact.

Fragonard is a registered trademark of Fragonard, BP 22060, 06132 Grasse Cedex


Since 2005 - A brand which is known and distributed around the world. ComfortZone cosmetic products are aimed at wellness and beauty interpreted as a fundamental element for overall harmony. A philosophy based on Mediterranean values and the heritage of ancient civilizations founded on the integration of man with the environment. And for this reason the company pays particular attention to sustainable development as a means of conserving our planet. The product lines are developed through advanced research on the formulas, blending Italian good taste with the age-old wisdom of the Orient. Harmony, naturalness, simplicity: the products reflect these values. An ideal choice for hotels that love that style of minimalist refinement that merges elegance with essence.

 ComfortZone is a registered trademark of Davines, Via Ravasini 9A, Parma

Rancé Milano The perfumery tradition of the Rancé family has ancient roots. From the days of the French Revolution the Rancés were alchemists who created aromatic consonances and successful olfactory harmonies that conquered many, including Napoleon. A happy mix of past and present, tradition and innovation have always been the key to the company’s identity, which today is seeking contemporary solutions, energized by a taste for novelty. A brand which is much loved by traditional hotels and those that like introducing modern touches, adopting signs of the future that are also transposed into aromas.

Rancé is a registered trademark of Rancé C.SRL, Via Lombardini 10, 20143 MIlano


The true “Art of Living” is what inspires the philosophy of Côté Bastide. Provence is the ideal setting for this vision which tells of things lost in time, of a simplicity made of artisan atmospheres, of time that stands still, of natural and evocative perfumes like those of roses or cinnamon. The past teaches us about the present. The fragrances of this brand conserve that particular charm which derives from aromatic notes with classical, essential, delicate yet intense touches. Anyone trying to find the harmony of yesteryear with its slow pace and desire to tap into the senses will recognise themselves in the refined essentiality of Côté Bastide.

 Coté Bastide is a registered trademark of Coté Bastide - Nh Diffusion, Rue Pierre Simon La Place, 13594 Aix Provence Cedex 3, Francia


Sicily is the inspiration for this group which proposes products with the aromas of the Mediterranean island with its amazing history, an island where volcanic flames blend with the colours of the sea. Red oranges, cactus, eucalyptus, orange blossoms, lemons, pistachios, olives……Sicily’s flavours become heady perfumes accompanied by traditional ingredients like palm oil, lanoline and olive oil. Ortigia: a land, a civilization, an essence.

 Ortigia is a registered trademark of Ortigia srl, Via dei Bardi 28, 50125 Firenze


How tradition blends with modernity. From American’s oldest pharmacy in New York this group proposes and distributes a vast range of cosmetics that are loved by one and all from the “folk next door” to celebrities. These products are exported to Australia, Canada the UK and Japan. Their motto? “If you can’t find it anywhere, try Bigelow”

Bigelow is a registered trademark of Bigelow Chemists, Inc., Shipping Dept. 414 6th Avenue, New York


The Davines Group was founded in Parma in 1983 and, at the start, was a laboratory involved in researching and producing articles for cosmetic manufacturers all over the world. Then came the development of its own brand to which it added the Comfort Zone cosmetic division. The distinctive characteristic of this company is the care it puts into using precious natural ingredients, a veritable philosophy that loves “all things that reflect simplicity and harmony because their beauty is always modern.”

 Davines è un marchio registrato della Davines Spa, Via Ravasini 9/a, 43126 Parma


American cosmetics that keep pace with the most advanced “green” trends. Ecology becomes a philosophical necessity. Botanical extracts, natural aromas, silicone-free formulas and other occlusive ingredients. Natural beauty which respects nature.

Malin+Gotez is a registered trademark of Malin + Gotez, 210 west 29th street, 3d floor, New York



Tricia Guild, founder and art dirr, and her brother Simon Geffreys CEO run this English company which was founded in 1970 and today is known and loved in more than forty markets worldwide. Their strength: a creative yet functional design for wallpapers of rare beauty in which colours blend with shapes to obtain designer effects. Another “speciality of the house” is the Bed and Bath line, together with the Home Collection of perfumed candles, perfumed sprays, bath foams and body lotions. “We believe in the quality of design, of the product, and of the service combined with a motivated team”.

Designers Guild is a registered trademark of Designers Guild, Latimer Place 3, London, W10 6qt, United Kingdom