The Company

...a true house of beauty...

We are exclusive partners of
La Bottega dell'Albergo Group

for the production of cosmetics.

A true house of beauty committed to the study and production of cosmetics that offer the client a journey of the senses which becomes a sign, a memory.

Our refined cosmetics are the result of constant studies and research.

A “workshop” where the alchemy of perfume is probed and combined with body, face and hair creams

A true experiences of the senses that evolves in state-of-the-art laboratories at the leading edge of studies into components.

A personalised house of beauty , offering custom-made lines that are the result of encounters with exceptional perfumers.

The raw materials used go through strict selection and sophisticated production processes to create refined and exciting products as well as magical combinations of aromas, consistencies and “flavours”.

Our strength? We produce everything in-house. And this gives us a truly competitive edge.
We are ourselves, and we prepare our cosmetic products directly: the face and body products are treated, bottled and packed in-house, and at each stage, they undergo strict and constant controls.

Thanks also to the use of state-of-the-art technologies and modern machinery with a
high productive capacity

This is why we are ready for any kind of challenge. Our eclecticism springs from the overlap between versatility and the strength of our production. Colours, perfumes and packaging just the way you want them.

Science and our creativity at the service of your skin.