Tests and certifications

...controlled cosmetology laboratory...

La Cosmetica is registered by ICEA as a controlled cosmetic company producing biocosmetics.


The pleasures of the skin have to be accompanied by dermatological safety. And this is why our laboratories put each product through the strictest quality controls. Clinical rigor has always been out trademark. Each cosmetic article is tested and followed step by step during the various manufacturing stages. This constant attention is our way of caring, starting with the raw materials and ending with the final pre-dispatch controls.

But internal controls are not enough; the tests and certifications then undergo external procedures that “neutrally” certify the dermo-cosmetic quality of our products.


All our cosmetic creations, except for the Author's Collections, are tested at the dermatology clinic of Padua University and at the Chelab in Padua.

Bacteriological and microbiological analysis are carried out at the National professional High School for Industry and Handicraft “Bettino Padovano”


Upon request, we provided certifications on several lines, according to the ICEA regulations for bio-eco-cosmetics.