For a sustainable world pay constantly more respect to the environment...

In the composition of the cosmetics we are groundbreakers with regard to the environmental impact: in fact we avoid using nichel, silicones and parabens  in a market which promotes the use of these substances for their aesthetic results (optical illusions which give the impression of making the skin smooth, removing wrinkles and leaving the skin velvety soft), but which are highly damaging to the environment. With prolonged use these substances are also harmful to the consumer. Companies still make significant use of them and, in fact, they are often present in the top ranking of the INCI, the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. 

Laboratory technicians and those responsible for quality control are striving to improve this situation in their efforts to pay constantly more respect to the environment.
The future of the world starts today. From here. And from us.
Attempting to reduce damage to our ecosystem is a moral duty and an act of conscience, and there is growing commitment in this direction from those companies that know how to interpret and overcome the necessary changes for a better tomorrow.


“We are very attentive to taking every possible environmental step to protect our Earth.”
We are doing all we can to give more and more. Our challenge?
Trying to satisfy our clientele in a “satisfied” planet that is no longer suffering. We are pushing ourselves beyond the national laws (which, for example, still allow the use of certain chemical substances), aware of the unity between man and the environment which harbours him. This is our commitment.”

Giovanni Spinozzi.


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