Music and geometry of perfume

Perfume gives us intense pleasure. It has always evoked, alluded to and created atmospheres that are suspended in time.

And it is on the skin that it comes across and unlocks its fragrance, creating a unique one-off encounter.
Each person who wears a perfume becomes a protagonist of an individual alchemy expressing an olfactory narration through which he can trace his own particular aroma around the world. It is a highly personal imprint.
A perfume will never be the same on two different people.
This is its magic, its enchantment, its mystery.

Fragrances always react differently depending on the skin and the state of mind.
They wrap themselves around the sense of smell which, in man, calls to mind antique suggestions, before dilating their vibrations endlessly. And this could be why the fascination of a perfume is bound to arcane, volatile sensations that are on the borderline of dizziness and voluptuousness.

The universe of perfumes is vibrant, versatile and multiform.
Perfumes that become accomplices, perfumes in which we immerse ourselves to reveal to others who we really are.
Perfumes that invite us to intimate gestures, as sensual as a lovers’ tryst.
Perfumes you listen to as if they were music. In fact the Japanese use a particular verb when talking about their incense: “listening to the incense.”

The language of perfumes speaks of “olfactory notes.” Because perfume and music are siblings.
When perfumers create new fragrances they design a particular olfactory pyramid which is a “geometrical” visualisation consisting of the single olfactory notes which, in each perfume, represent the “score,” that particular melody that derives from the combination of the various essences.

Practically a geometry of the soul along which the sublime, ineffable harmony of each perfume travels.


The fragrances - citrus, fruity, spicy, floral – are divided into top, heart and base notes.

The top notes are light, volatile and disappear in a few minutes.

The heart notes are more potent and more consistent than the top notes. They have a medium level of persistence and express the intensity of the perfume, leaving its wake for a few hours.

The base notes are sensual, spicy and evaporate very slowly, in some cases remaining on the skin for days.

We propose a vast range of olfactory notes to choose from, and we are always ready to create new notes.

We would like to share some of them with you.




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