Olfactory collaborations

...Perfume is a work of art...

Perfume is a work of art. Like a painting, a piece of music or a poem. It springs from emotions, ways of being and sensations. You pursue a perfume the way you pursue an inspiration.

Thanks to the quality of our cosmetic products, together with our significant productive capacity and the important recognitions received by the Bottega dell’Albergo (of which we are the official suppliers) in the hotel world, we enjoy a series of important collaborations with designers. Meeting some of the most famous noses was a magical moment that led to the realisation and exclusive production of their perfume brands which we distribute both in Italy and internationally.

But there is more. Together with these designers we create personalised perfumes for Bottega dell’Albergo. An “artistic collaboration” in which the perfume is created around an emotion to be recounted, an identity to be incarnated, an idea to be represented.

Highly refined and elegant works of art that conceal the treasures of manifold fragrances and which have been studied by true masters of the perfumer’s art.

If you would like to know more please visit the Bespoke Collection page which has information on our most significant collections.


Laura Tonatto is one of Italy’s most esteemed noses. For twenty years she has been creating fragrances that blend fantasy with experience. Tonatto is a true olfactory talent who has received important prizes and recognitions . Well-known personalities from the worlds of fashion, entertainment and sport turn to her when they want to pamper themselves with custom-made cosmetics, seeking just the right perfume, the one which has the perfect alchemy with their skin. And an hotel too can opt for a custom-made perfume which becomes an impalpable feature, underlining the property’s character through a smell. A whimsical, modern and refined brand that evokes elegant metropolitan atmospheres. The results of the collaboration with Laura Tonatto have surpassed all expectations confirming the success of this cosmetic line for hotels.

Laura Tonatto is a registered trademark of Laura Tonatto Profumi Italia Sas&C, Strada Pecetto, 154, 1031 Torino 



A purebread nose. Lorenzo Villoresi’s career has been an original, refined one removed from the olfactory conventions that often bring the perfumer’s world down to banal levels. His unique, revolutionary form of research experiments with and blends incenses, aromatic woods and fragrances that have been lost in time. From his first journey to the Middle East his entire production has been typified by these highly personal inspirations. His is an independent versatility….that he has no intention of renouncing …. that never yields to commercial compromises. Faithful to himself, Villoresi continues to research into new perfumes. His passion for the creation of personal fragrances that vibrate with olfactory harmonies have decreed his success and he has received many international recognitions.

Lorenzo Volloresi is a registered trademark of Lorenzo Villoresi S.R.L., Via De'Bardi, 14, 50125 Firenze